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I’m a writer and filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. On my filmmaker side I make narrative films and music videos. On my writing side I’ve published short stories, essays, and book reviews. I’ve also written novels, feature screenplays, and film theory that are just sitting on my computer as of now but I’d like to publish them too one day. That would be so cool. I love writing.

I’m currently researching and developing a feature film with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

You can read essays I’m writing as part of my research here.

I graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2018 with a BFA in film and literature. Since then I’ve been in VIFF’s Catalyst Program and had my work shown in festivals across the country and my writing published in magazines distributed all over North America.

This is really fun for me and I like doing it. I’m going to keep doing it. Thanks for reading. (Click Email to say you’re welcome). 

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My family are all Jews that came to Canada from Eastern Europe. Some of them left in the 20s and 30s but most of them stayed and were killed there. This was told to me so much as a kid that eventually it stopped meaning much to me. Like when you remember something over and over and it loses all sensation, like bronzing a baby’s shoe until it’s nothing but a thick glimmering box of brown. 

But I’d still go and visit Auschwitz twice. That’s where they were killed. And when you’re there you know why it all feels like your own memory. There’s a very thick evil that feels like it’s stuck in the ground over there but it’s even more obvious in the forests around the camps or the land where they used to be before they were burned to the ground. It’s the evil that you feel most acutely, not the memory of the murdered, or the sadness of the lost. You feel the evil like you’re breathing it in. You feel a feeling like a chemical burn, like the evil puts your body at hazard, like your skin will blister from it and fall off in sheets.

This is the sensation of time that’s broken free of the constraints of a moment and hurtles along infinity in loops. Evil turns history into a present moment and into a space. 

So there I sat, in evil mud, and I thought to myself whether the future of a space could ever contain such evil that it projects itself into the past? Could two rabbis feel a haunting of a million souls before they were ever killed? Or the presence of 15 million memories of the event, the memories of those who were never even there?

  This movie stars Craig March, Adam Kozlik, and Teresa Laverty. The narrator is Mike Regan. Everyone was lovely to work with and now I picture their faces when writing other scripts. Their passion was exhilirating.

Brian Daniel Johnson was the cinematographer and he is a wizard. Evan Luchkow produced the movie. They’re two of my favourite people to talk about movies with which is my favourite thing to do. Working with them so closely for so long on this project was nothing short of a total pleasure.

Rebecca Scherman did the production design and was the only other Jew in the crew. I think we both had a cool and weird time wrenching a fabled Shtetl world out of our collective unconscious. She’s magnificent at what she does and looks completely at ease.

Anna Chiyeko Shannon edited the movie with me and made us coffees once a week for two months. She’s a terrific editor, an inspiring collobrator, and the coffees were divine. 

Tegan Wahlgren made the score and it made me sad and scared; I think that’s my favourite mix. Tegan makes music under the name Wallgrin and it’s equally sad and scary.

Shea Oracheski is a VFX maestro. He did those opening and closing shots. They make my stomach drop. Shea makes the trip from imagination to manifestation very short.