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I’m a writer and filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. On my filmmaker side I make narrative films and music videos. On my writing side I’ve published short stories, essays, and book reviews. I’ve also written novels, feature screenplays, and film theory that are just sitting on my computer as of now but I’d like to publish them too one day. That would be so cool. I love writing.

I’m currently researching and developing a feature film with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

You can read essays I’m writing as part of my research here.

I graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2018 with a BFA in film and literature. Since then I’ve been in VIFF’s Catalyst Program and had my work shown in festivals across the country and my writing published in magazines distributed all over North America.

This is really fun for me and I like doing it. I’m going to keep doing it. Thanks for reading. (Click Email to say you’re welcome). 

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After several years in UBC’s film production program, this was my “thesis.” I’ve always thought that was kind of a funny word to use in a creative program. But it’s nice to say this is the central theory of my time in school, this is the purpose of all that I’ve learned. Although that makes me nervous to think about even now. 

Is this the purpose of all that I learned in school? I think the workflow was. This remains the largest set in terms of crew I’ve ever directed. The practice of making this movie felt on all fronts educational. This was many of our first or close to first times in the roles we had. But we had a lot of fun, everything went well, and I hope this weekend was at the very least a lovely memory for all those people trying on new creative and professional hats.

The year before I made this movie, the concept made it to the top 40 of a city wide filmmaking competition. I had to pitch it in front of a room of industry professionals. I remember I used a Kurt Vonnegut quote which makes me smile looking back on it. I think it was “we are who we pretend to be so be careful who you pretend to be” from Mother Night. Makes me feel very young looking back on all this. I was still practically a teenager. But I’m proud of myself for committing to a very ambitious vision when I still had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  
 Gabriel is played by Peter Tran the first actor I ever directed. He came to the audition with two options of how to play a scene. I was absolutely floored that anyone could think that intently about something I’d written, much less think intently about it twice. On set, Peter was wildly exciting to watch. He maintained that intention and dilligence throughout the process and gives this movie much of  its legitimacy.

The same is true for Teresa Laverty who plays his mom. She made me feel like a real director. I remember seeing her listen and close her eyes while we were waiting to roll and open them again and it was like a mirage had formed. She had become a different person. It was startling to see amazing acting up close for the first time. She’s also just a delight to be around. 

Ayden Ross produced the movie. In film school they were one of the most thrilling people to work with or talk to. Every movie they said they loved I’d go and watch. I think I copied their taste for at least a year or two. Their work as a director is just as compelling as the work they love as a viewer.