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I’m a writer and filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. On my filmmaker side I make narrative films and music videos. On my writing side I’ve published short stories, essays, and book reviews. I’ve also written novels, feature screenplays, and film theory that are just sitting on my computer as of now but I’d like to publish them too one day. That would be so cool. I love writing.

I’m currently researching and developing a feature film with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

You can read essays I’m writing as part of my research here.

I graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2018 with a BFA in film and literature. Since then I’ve been in VIFF’s Catalyst Program and had my work shown in festivals across the country and my writing published in magazines distributed all over North America.

This is really fun for me and I like doing it. I’m going to keep doing it. Thanks for reading. (Click Email to say you’re welcome). 

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I first heard this song as a demo recorded in Haley’s kitchen. A few years later she and Tennis had worked some magic on it and it absolutely exploded out of the speakers. It’s like twinkling magic. I’ve heard people compare it to The Carpenters or The Roches but it feels very singularly Haley’s song.

This was the largest production I’ve ever directed. With the extras there were maybe 45 people on set. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could manage a set that size and pull off a big elaborate oner with all these disparate characters. 

I think I really do love the oner and its innate dreaminess but I also love how it pulls a production together like an organic Rube Goldberg machine. After we finally got the shot I think everyone felt equally excited by the video’s success. Filming this felt like we were all folk artists. It’s how I want all my sets to feel.